Window Cleaning

The reach and wash system is used for window cleaning. Using this method of cleaning means that windows can be cleaned at difficult angles from the safety of the ground, such as over conservatories and extensions. Pure water is used with no chemicals added and the water is pumped directly from the van through the system to the window. Once cleaned, the windows are left to dry naturally, leaving perfect clean windows.

Going through your property with equipment
I don’t drag hoses through properties or carry ladders through. I use a portable machine that pumps the water to the windows when access is difficult and I use small telescopic ladders for flat roofs etc.

Get on the rota
My window cleaning rota is 6 to 7 weeks. I text before I am coming then text after I have cleaned. When the clean has been completed you can simply pay online through our payment page.

Commercial offices – blocks of flats and tall buildings
If you are a management company company or you are a housing association or a manager of a block of flats the waterfed pole system I use is capable of reaching windows 6 storeys high.

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